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Coastal Community | Product Spotlight | November 15, 2017

TOUGHER Work Gloves for Women

Before founding TOUGHER® women’s workwear, Stacey Gose had to make due like every other woman who worked a ranch, construction, forestry, or other hard-working professions. She knew the frustration of altering men’s workwear and gloves to achieve an almost tolerable fit.

Stacey comes from a long line of farmers. Her grandmother owned a large farm in Iowa before her aunt took it over decades ago. Summers spent on the farm meant helping out with the soybeans and cattle.

Eventually, Stacey had bought enough pairs of cheap gloves and survived unnecessary blisters and pain. She literally took matters into her own hands – creating the first pair of TOUGHER work gloves designed specifically for women.

Designed to Fit (Perfectly)

The company was founded in 2015 and offers women a pair of deerskin gloves designed for their hands.

“Our customers know quality when they see it,” Stacey explained. “They can buy a pair of our gloves and keep them for life because they’re built right and guaranteed.”

The deerskin gloves (available at several Coastal locations) are sturdy yet supple. TOUGHER doesn’t adhere to the “put some pink on the label” mentality. The company’s goal is to make the best, long-lasting gear for women who do just as much work as their male counterparts.

“We’re a Northwest company. We know how hard women work and have designed our gloves and other gear to meet their needs.”

TOUGHER gloves are made from deerskin leather, which makes them more abrasion-resistant and softer than cowhide. Plus, they’re sized differently than men’s gloves. Instead of the standard small, medium, and large, TOUGHER gloves are offered in numeric sizes (6, 7, 8, 9, etc.).

“Our gloves are washable too. Just don’t put them in the dryer,” Stacey said with a knowing smile. “And if they ever start to fall apart, just bring them back to Coastal and get another pair on us. You can even send them to us and we’ll repair them for free and mail them back.”

Built to Last

While low-cost gloves become hard and brittle quickly, TOUGHER gloves don’t. Stacey’s gloves are designed to withstand the Northwest elements and the hard work women do. Even the tanning process is top-notch, ensuring wet gloves don’t leave hands looking yellow unlike shortcuts taken by low-cost producers that use cheap dyes instead.


“Women who work in male-dominated industries feel like they need to prove they are tough enough to do the job,” Stacey said about the company name. “The word tougher means strength. Then I noticed the “her” in the word. It all worked out. I wanted to give women a brand of work wear that is inspirational, shows how tough the materials we use are, and highlights a woman’s strength.”

One of the first inspirational, real-life women who donned a pair of TOUGHER gloves and the company’s new pants was a forest firefighter and snowboarder named Marissa.

“She is all about living life and grabbing on by both hands,” Stacey said about the model featured prominently on the company’s website at

Get TOUGHER at Coastal

You’ll find TOUGHER work gloves at our Albany and Eugene stores, with more stores carrying the brand in the months ahead. Come on in and try on a pair, find your perfect size, and enjoy a pair of lifetime work gloves designed for your hands.

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