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Coastal Community | Country Lifestyle | December 21, 2018

The Year Ahead is All About Country Life

There’s something truly wonderful about living and working in the Pacific Northwest. At Coastal, we understand that sense of belonging and lifestyle, from the Willamette Valley to the Wenatchee Mountains, Rogue River basin to the Central Oregon high desert, as well as the Puget Sound area and beyond. All of us at Coastal come to work each day to bring you everything you need to enjoy and live the ideal country lifestyle.

Wherever you call home, your nearby Coastal isn’t all that far away. To date, we’ve opened 17 locations throughout the rural towns and suburbs of Oregon and Washington. To be honest, I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon – if ever. In the coming years, Coastal will continue to grow, expand, and do whatever it takes to bring you and your family quality country items that keep you warm, your animals fed, and your property protected. That includes helping worthwhile organizations such as 4-H, FFA, and many more.

We were honored to partner with Foods In Season in Washington State, selling Moral Morels to help raise money for families of those injured or killed while fighting local wildfires. The money raised was donated to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. In addition, we teamed up with Nutrena Feed and Tradewinds Transportation, and with their help and because of your patronage, we were able to send 5 Truckloads of Feed to Paradise, California to help feed horses and livestock in the wake of their devastating fires.

As a proud community partner in the Pacific Northwest, we understand that it’s not what we say but what we do that matters most. As we finish another year, we hope to bring honor and pride to America and our country way of life in the years ahead.


Just what the country needs,

Buzz Wheeler

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