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The Short History of Black Friday

November 20, 2022
We all have a good idea of what Black Friday is, whether you plan to brave the crowds in search of a good deal or avoid going out altogether. But unless you were an adult in the 1980s, you might not know that the unofficial shopping holiday hasn’t always been a thing. Here’s a quick look at the short yet interesting history of Black Friday.

First Use of Black Friday

Back in 1869, a couple of shrewd investors bought as much U.S. gold as they could to drive up prices. However, on a Friday in September, the plan backfired. Gold prices plummeted, sending countless business owners and farmers into bankruptcy. The name Black Friday was coined.

When Black Friday Became the Day After Thanksgiving

Americans love football. In Philadelphia in the 1950s, one of the biggest games of the year was the Army-Navy game. The game was played on Saturday, but people would pour into the streets and local stores on the Friday before. All of those extra people and shoppers required extra police patrols. Officers were forced to work long shifts the day after Thanksgiving, which they nicknamed Black Friday. The name, and day of the year, stuck.

Black Friday Goes Nationwide

By the 1980s, Black Friday was a common household word. But the story behind the shopping event had shifted. The new story was that retailers would not turn a profit for the year until Black Friday. This meant they went from a financial ledger filled with “red” ink to a ledger filled with “black” ink. Since then, the name Black Friday has become synonymous with amazing deals and the kickoff of the holiday shopping season. Today, we also have Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and more.

Coastal Has Your Black Friday Deals

Coastal believes that family is important, which is why we remain closed on Thanksgiving day. But on Black Friday, you’ll find our stores open and packed with some of the biggest and best deals of the year. Check out our recent sales flier for current offers.