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Stay Safe with Fire Resistant Clothing

April 8, 2023

Today’s flame-resistant (FR) clothing is both functional and fashionable. At Coastal, we carry plenty of that gear, including everything you might need for your job.  To help celebrate National Welding Month, we have a quick look at some of that clothing, how to understand FR ratings, and what to look for when buying flame-resistant clothing.

April is National Welding Month

Welding and other skilled trades deserve recognition and awareness — both to honor those who put in the long hours and to encourage the next generation of skilled tradespersons to tackle this rewarding and engaging career. Since the mid-1990s, the American Welding Society has set aside April as National Welding Month. At Coastal, we’re honored to carry the FR clothing, tools, and gear welders need to do their job. If you’re a welder or part of the industry, we’d like to say “thank you” from everyone at Coastal.

Protecting Workers

Most burn injuries happen when clothing catches fire and continues to burn. FR clothing is designed to self-extinguish or resist ignition, provide a thermal insulation from heat, and protect the wearer’s skin by not breaking open or melting. In other words, FR clothing is designed to increase the chances of survival and minimize injury in case of an accident.

But, as we all know, accidents do happen. According to Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, an arc flash explosion occurs in electrical equipment every day. People do get hurt. But not as bad as they would thanks to FR clothing.

Flash Fire and Electric Arc Flash

Most FR clothing is designed to protect workers from flash fire and electric arc flash.

Coastal Tip: Match your FR clothing needs with your job requirements using the list of safety codes below.

A flash fire is caused by the ignition of something in the air, such as hydrocarbon vapors or something combustible. Temperatures can reach up to 1,900 ºF. An electric arc flash explosion usually lasts less than a second but can generate temperatures of 35,000 ºF, cause a pressure wave, and produce molten debris.  Wearing the right clothing can make all the difference in the world.

Coastal Carries FR Clothing

You’ll find a full line of FR clothing at Coastal. Stop by today and go home with everything on your welding list, including welding gloves, helmets, nozzles, goggles, hats, and so much more.

Know Your FR Ratings

NFPA 2112 (National Fire Protection Administration):  Protects against flash fire.

NFPA 70E (National Fire Protection Administration): Standard for electrical safety in the workplace.

PPE CAT 2: One or more layers of electric arc flash protection.

PPE CAT 1: A single layer of electric arc flash protection.

ASTM F1506: Standard performance specification for flame-resistant and arc-rated clothing.

ATPV (Arc Thermal Protective Value): Standard that helps prevent the wearer from second-degree burns.

ANSI 107 (American National Standards Institute): High-visibility clothing and headgear.