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Home & Garden | Product Spotlight | Outdoors | June 10, 2016

Smoker Grill Comparison

Traeger vs. Big Green Egg

Backyard grilling has become an art form. Whether you’re grilling, baking, smoking, roasting, braising, or doing some traditional barbecuing, there are two names every dad (and grill master) knows: Traeger and Big Green Egg. Choosing the right one depends on what you are smoking and your overall preferences. We have some insights to help you choose the one that’s right for you.


Traeger is not just a brand name, it’s also a verb. These wood pellet grills start quick, are easy to use, and look like something you’d find at your favorite barbecue joint. The Big Green Egg is a ceramic, charcoal smoker that gives users exacting controls over the whole process.  Both are portable, look great, start conversations, and have a much-deserved, cult-like following. Best of all, either brand will make you the best cook on the block.

Starting it Up

The Traeger keeps things easy. First, plug the grill into any 110 outlet. If you’re out camping, all you need is a 1,000-wat generator. Then, select your wood pellets (available in many flavors), fill the hopper on the side, turn it on and select the temperature. That’s it.

The Big Green Egg is more hands-on. First, you’ll replace the ceramic topper with the included dual-function metal top, open the dome, remove the cooking grill, pour 100% natural lump charcoal into the fire box, open the bottom draft door, and then start the charcoal without propellant. Finally, replace the metal grill or other cooking surface (there are pizza stones and more to choose from), close the lid and prepare to adjust the top and bottom vents to control temperature.

Temperature Control

Adjusting the temperature is essential when grilling. The Traeger gives users nice heat-range options with the twist if a dial. Choose from smoke all the way up to 450 degrees. An auger will slowly feed your wood pellets into a hopper. Depending on the temperature you’ve set, more or fewer pellets will be fed into the hopper to ensure a consistent cooking temperature.

In contrast, the Big Green Egg makes is possible to achieve exact, consistent temperatures by adjusting the bottom and top vents. The wider the opening on the vents, the higher the temperatures. Big Green Eggs can achieve temperatures from just 200 to 700 degrees and higher.


The Traeger uses wood pellets. The Big Green Egg uses natural lump charcoal. Both come in easy-to-store bags. As long as you have fuel on hand, you’ll be set for even the biggest back yard events.


Your tongs will get bored, whether you choose a Traeger or Big Green Egg. That’s because flipping your food has become a thing of the past thanks to Traeger’s convection-style cooking and the Big Green Egg’s circulating heat. Just set the temperature and a timer.


The Big Green Egg does require some cleanup, but thanks to the higher temperatures and clean-burning design, most of the ash and other liquid will be gone before you get around to cleaning it. When you do want to clean it, just open the bottom vent and screen, then scoop it out. With the Traeger, just brush out the leftover ash every now and then. As for grease and other liquids, they drop into a small bucket on the right side the grill. Just dump the bucket and you’re done.

Your Backyard Barbecue Headquarters

Coastal has several brands, including Traeger and Big Green Egg grills, wood pellets, natural lump charcoal, planks, covers, pizza stones, and more in stock right now. Stop by your local store and come home with everything you need for the best barbecue ever.

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