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Coastal Community | August 16, 2018

Sharing the Bounty from Wildfires with Those Who Fight Them

Wildfires are once again dotting the Northwest, putting homes, crops, livestock, wildlife, and timber at risk. Also at risk are those who put their lives on the line when fighting those fires. You can help families of those injured or killed while fighting our wildfires when you buy a jar of Moral Morels dried mushrooms at your nearby Coastal.

Why Morel Mushrooms?

While fires do cause a lot of devastation, the heat from those flames encourages a huge bounty of morel mushrooms. The moral dilemma then is what to do with those edible delights, known by mushroom experts as burnt morels.

Your Northwest Owned and Operated Coastal along with organizations Food in Season and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation are selling jars of burnt morels at your nearby store. Each jar is just $9.99, and all proceeds benefit the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

It’s a good cause for good people who work extra hard to protect our farms, homes, and natural wonders.

Pick Up Your Moral Morels at Coastal

You’ll find Moral Morels at or near the check stand of your local store. Go home with a jar or two and one of our special recipe cards. Then pair some Moral Morels with your family meal.



Firefighting photo courtesy of Wildland Firefighters Foundation.

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