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Country Lifestyle

Resources to Weather Winter Storms

January 15, 2022

Wherever you live throughout the Northwest, there’s a Coastal nearby that has what you need to weather extreme storm and other winter conditions, including feed and supplies for your family and animals.  We’ve compiled some of our most popular articles.

Keeping the Power Running

Check out our article on how to Keep the Power on in Any Situation as well as Choosing a Generator.

Being Ready for Anything

We’ve put together some basics, such as What to have in Your 72-Hour Emergency Supply Kit, as well as How to Prepare for an Emergency, and Preparing for an Emergency when You Have Animals. We’ve also shared our insights into Protecting Your Roof and Yard After a Late Winter Storm.

Cleanup Starts with the Right Chainsaw

Need to remove debris from your property after a storm? Get your chainsaw out and ready to go. Learn about Choosing the Right Chainsaw for the Job, How to Sharpen a Chainsaw, and How to Clean a Chainsaw.


We're Here to Help You Weather Any Storm

Stop by your West COastal-owned and operated Coastal today and go home with everything the country needs to face the snow, rain, sleet, and wind. From chainsaws, propane heaters, workwear, feed, stock tank de-icers, and expert advice, we're here to help.