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Repelling Mosquitos with Plants and Planning

May 31, 2020

Here in the Northwest, we get a reprieve from mosquitoes and other irritating (and disease-carrying) insects most of the year. However, they come back every summer. During those times, certain plants and a little planning can help keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor activities.

Prevent Mosquito Habitat and Contact

According to Oregon State University Extension Service, the key to eliminating many misquotes is to minimize standing water in flower pots, trash bins, and replacing bird bath water often. This will restrict the insect’s breeding grounds. If you see standing water in parks from sprinkler systems, report them. Also, repair holes in your home’s window and door screens to keep bugs outside where they belong.

Encourage Beneficial Insects

Not all insects eat mosquitoes but encouraging bugs that do good in your garden, and for your outdoor experience, is a plus. Check out Encouraging Beneficial Insects in Your Garden from Oregon State University Extension Service for specific ways to bring good bugs into your life.

Northwest Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

If mosquito repellents and sprays aren’t working, try planting some specific Northwest plants on or nearby your patio and other outdoor living spaces. Each one grows easily in many regions of Oregon and Washington, and have been shown to repel mosquitoes and other pests.


This is a great herb to grow for your own use and the alternative use of chasing away mosquitoes.


Catnip: Place some catnip in a pot on your deck or patio and this cat-friendly plant will chase away hordes of insects.


Citronella: This is one of the most common ingredients in mosquito repellents thanks to its aroma. Be aware, these plants can grow up to 6-feet high and take up considerable space in your yard or garden. We recommend keeping them in a planter.


Garlic: Plant a row of garlic in with some of your patio plants to deter mosquitos from entering your domain.


Lavender: These drought-resistant herbs are easy to grow, smell great, bloom brilliantly, and chase away mosquitos.

Lemon Grass: As herbs go, this one can get rather big. Leave room for this 4-foot tall plant and watch it repel mosquitos while it fills the air with lemony goodness.


Marigold: The smell of marigolds can repel mosquitoes and kill several other bugs. Plus they look great.


Mint: Try growing a clump of mint near your outdoor living space to repel mosquitos as well as ants, mice, and other would-be invaders.


Petunias: While petunias are more known to repel aphids and other insects from gardens, they also keep misquotes at bay.


Rosemary: The unmistakable smell of rosemary drives away mosquitoes as well as flies, moths, and more.

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