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Home & Garden | October 24, 2019

Quick Tips to Prepare Your House for Winter

Quick Tips to Prepare Your House for Winter

Just in case you hadn’t realized it yet, winter has engulfed the Northwest. While the cold weather may have caught you off guard, it’s not too late to winterize your home to reduce your heating bills and minimize the chances of a broken pipe

Start with the Pipes

Depending on where you live in the Pacific Northwest, you might consider wrapping exposed pipes with insulation. Look for pipes in attics and near outer walls of your crawl spaces. When temperatures drop well below freezing, be sure to open the cabinet doors below any sink to help minimize the chances of frozen pipes.

Additionally, drain all of your outdoor faucets and garden hoses, and prepare your in-ground sprinkler system for winter.

Give Your Yard Some Attention

Icy weather can cause branches on trees and shrubs to break. If any limbs could hit your house, trim them back.

Look for Cracks in the Foundation

Walk around your home and any outbuildings and look for cracks in the foundation. If you find any, seal them up and make a note to fully repair the damage in the spring. Cracks not only let in cold air and water, but are also an invitation to mice, rats, and other pests.

Check Smoke and Carbon-monoxide Detectors

This is a great time to check and install new batteries in your smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors. Be sure to check every unit, even those with a 10-year battery.

Check the Chimney and Vents

Whether you have a wood-burning or pellet stove, or simply use a gas fireplace, check your chimney or vent carefully. If necessary, have yours cleaned by a professional before the snow hits.

Get Ready Inside Your House

Here are a few ways you can minimize heat loss and get the most from your heating system this winter.

  • Switch ceiling fans to spin clockwise. This will blow the warm air down for efficiency.
  • Check for drafts around windows and doors. Feel a draft under the front door, around the keyholes, or                  along your windows? Add weather stripping and other attachments, and install foam-insulating sheets                  behind outlets and switch plates on exterior walls.
  • Close your flue on your chimney when your fireplace is not in use.
  • Clean or replace your furnace’s air filter.

Warm Up at Coastal

You’ll find plenty options to keep your home toasty warm at your nearby Coastal Farm & Ranch. Stop by the heating and cooling department and check out our huge selection of name-brand pellet, gas, and wood stoves. We carry pallets of pellets too. And our experts are always happy to answer all your questions.

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