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Coastal Community

Proud to be Part of so Many County Fairs

August 27, 2019

Fair season is wrapping up around Oregon and Washington. Once again, everyone at Coastal was proud to be a part of so many fairs in the Pacific Northwest, like the Wasco County Fair in Tygh Valley, Oregon.

There are just a handful of fairs in Oregon with as much history as the Wasco County Fair, which got its start in 1913 as a picnic. It quickly grew to encompass 4-H and FFA competitions, horse shows, cooking contests, a rodeo, and all the pageantry you’d expect from folks who take pride in this land and their country way of life.

On our journey to this year’s Wasco County Fair, we met with local cowboys, 4-H parents and participants, as well as Delvis Heath, Sr., Warm Springs Chief of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation of Oregon.

Participating in as Many Fairs as Possible

Each year, our store managers are honored to buy hundreds of animals from 4-H fair participants and hand out stacks of Little Giant Buckets and $5 Coastal gift cards to others. The Wasco county fair was no exception, with the store buying several animals at a premium price.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in in the Wasco County Fair – or even your local fair and rodeo. We all look forward to seeing you out and about next summer and at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal location all year long.