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Mason Enjoys Another Eight Seconds of Fame

August 2, 2018

Mason Stuller might look like the average soon-to-be 15-year old with a country flair. But this kid is different, aside from sleeping in way past sunrise like any typical teenager. Instead of playing video games and hanging with his friends, Mason is laser-focused on continually improving his already impressive bronc and bull riding skills as he works his way to an eventual world championship.

While being the top rodeo rider in the world is years away, this Oregon teen has already met one of his goals.

“I took sixth place at the Junior National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas last December,” Mason said. “That means I’m sixth in the world for my age.”

Being ranked top 10 in anything in the world is impressive. What’s more impressive is that his accomplishment happened on a saddle bronc over a period of eight seconds.

“I got into riding because of 8 Seconds the movie,” he added. “Started by riding sheep and stuff in Cottage Grove when I was four.”

The days of the Stuller family spending quiet weekends at home ended when Mason showed some skill. To help him progress, his parents asked family friends Clint Wells and Bob Reno to show Mason the ropes. Being rodeo stars in their own right, they had a lot of wisdom and insights to share with the new rider.

“I’m told I have ice water in my veins,” Mason smiled. “Most of the time I’m a little nervous, but not bad.”

While the Stullers aren’t your typical rodeo family, they are tried-and-true Oregonians. Mason’s dad does maintenance at the Eugene Airport and his mom is the principal at a local middle school. Mason knows they worry every time he goes out into the arena, but he’s only had one bad injury. In one of the rodeos leading up to the big event in Las Vegas, he broke his wrist.

“The first few times after that were a little nerve-wracking,” he added.

But Mason got back on, practiced hard, and took home a top spot. This year, he plans to do even better.

“We’ve missed a few rodeos this year, but we’ll get down to Vegas.”

Mason plans to keep riding on his own and through his high school program in Elmira. His plans also include going to college on a rodeo scholarship and getting a degree.

There’s no doubt he’ll do it all, including a world championship. This kid is destined to show the world what icy veins look like.

Coastal Salutes Mason Stuller

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