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Home & Garden | December 28, 2018

January Gardening in the Northwest

Gardening in the Northwest can be tricky with all the snow, rain, and frost. But thanks to the experts with the Oregon State University Cooperative Extension and Washington State University Spokane County Master Gardeners, there are things you can do in January to improve your springtime booms and bounty.

Get Answers to Your Questions

If you have a specific question about a plant, insect, or what grows well in your area, try the OSU Cooperative Extension’s Ask an Expert site. For questions specific to Washington, simply email, or review these year-round gardening tips.

Plan Ahead

While there isn’t a lot of gardening that needs to be done in the winter months, there are things you can do to improve plant growth.

Now is a great time to pull out any plants or trees that are susceptible to disease and plan to replace them with something that can thrive in your climate.

Take hardwood cuttings if you plan to propagate trees and shrubs in the spring.

Have your garden soil tested and add any nutrients that are needed.

Cleaning, Watering, and Sheltering

This is a great time to clean all of your gardening and outdoor tools, including shovels and pruners.

If you live in a dry part of the Pacific Northwest, be sure to water your plants (when it’s above freezing) to keep them from drying out.

If you live in a rainy part of the region, keep off your lawn until any frost has melted and water your landscape plants that are sheltered from rain.

Build or install windbreaks to protect your sensitive evergreens.

Add more mulch to shrubs, trees, and plants that need it.

Pest and Disease Management

Even when pants and trees are dormant, it can be a good time to check for pests and other issues.

Inspect trees for signs of infection and remove any branches.

Deter field mice from gnawing on lower trunks of trees and shrubs by removing nearby weeds and grasses.

Spray roses with lime sulfur or copper fungicide as needed.

Locate areas where moss is growing in your lawn and add better drainage if necessary.

Gardening Starts at Coastal

You’ll find gardening tools, seeds, soils, fertilizers, sprays and more at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal. Stop by today and get everything you need for a bright, beautiful, and fun-to-manage yard and garden this coming spring.

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