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Country Lifestyle | November 28, 2021

Homemade for the Holidays: Creative Ways to Give a Coastal Gift Card

Coastal Gift Cards are some of the easiest ways to give everyone on your list exactly what they want. All they have to do is go to their nearby Coastal to spend it. Now, you can add some festive charm to those Gift Cards with these personalized giving ideas.

Save Money on Coastal Gift Cards

If you’re looking for a little something for a co-worker, friend, or the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone in your family, Coastal Gift Cards and eGift Cards are the ideal choice. Right now, these easy-to-give and even easier-to-receive gifts are on sale for a limited time. Pick up all regular Gift Cards in store or choose an eGift Card in any amount from $10 to $1,000.


Gift Cards and eGift Cards Holiday Sale

Now through 12/14
$30 card for only $25

$60 card for only $50

$120 card for only $100

With a Wallet (or purse)

Place the recipient’s Coastal Gift Card inside a wallet or purse. Pictured is a Men’s Georgia Boot Bifold Wallet in dark brown. Then, wrap the wallet in holiday paper. Don’t forget to add a penny to the wallet or purse for good luck.

Can It (with Candy)

Add Red Hots or other candy to a canning jar and then place the Coastal Gift Card inside. Whether you want to fill up the jar with candy and top it with the lid is up to you. Decorate your jar with a ribbon or bow for that added holiday touch.

Reel in the Joy

Got a fishing enthusiast on your holiday shopping list? Put a Coastal Gift Card into a Plano Guide Series Small Fly Box. They’ll appreciate the Gift Card and their new, small tackle box. Add a bow to the box to reel in some extra festiveness.

Safe Gift Giving

Pick up a handgun lockbox and place the Coastal Gift Card inside. Then, wrap the lockbox and the keys in two separate packages.

More Than a Pair of Socks

Find the perfect pair of socks for your recipient and place the Coastal Gift Card inside one of the socks. If they don’t notice the Gift Card right away, it’ll be like the holidays all over again when they go to put them on a few days later.

Coastal is Your Holiday Headquarters

Check out the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide to find the ideal gifts for everyone on your list. Or just stop by your nearby Coastal for Gift Cards and plenty of creative ways to give them.

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