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Coastal Community | September 11, 2019

Hiking for a Healthier Tomorrow

To say that Tim Koertje is an avid hiker is an understatement. Since 2014, he’s logged hundreds of trail miles, checked 55 waterfalls off his list, and worn out a pair of shoes every month. It’s impressive, to say the least. But even more impressive is that those hikes, along with Tim’s determination and drive, have helped him lose around 220 pounds.

“My goal is to be healthier today than I was yesterday,” Tim said when asked what keeps him going. “My brother helped me get on the trail. He sent me a pair of shoes and a Fitbit. Then told me he wanted me around after he retired.”

It sounded like a good goal to Tim, who has lived in Oregon most of his life. Growing up in Klamath Falls and now living in Albany and working in the Coastal sporting goods department, Tim knew that the region was the perfect place to experience nature, get some exercise, and enjoy fresh air.

He decided to hike to and photograph waterfalls on his journey.

Things started slow, but as Tim lost a sustainable two to five pounds per month, he felt better and increased the distance.

“My first waterfall was at Hug Point State Recreation Site on the coast,” he added. “Now I’ve been all over the state. Even in California. I really want to do some waterfalls in Utah and get over to see Niagara Falls.”

While Tim’s goal has always been about health, he’s set some additional expectations for himself as well.

“I want to see a waterfall every week. Plus, I’m already walking every day. I can do six miles on my days off. I’ve thought about hiking waterfalls in Colorado too. There is no moss on the trees over there, I’m told. Would be interesting to see that.”

But Tim isn’t just interested in waterfalls, wide-open spaces, and forests aplenty, he likes visiting big cities on occasion.

“I wouldn’t want to live in a big city, but I do like the hustle and bustle. I go to Chicago every year. It’s a great place to visit.”

Since joining the Coastal crew in Albany in 2018, Tim has become a vital part of the team. And he seems to like it here.

“The people at Coastal are great,” Tim said with a smile. “They’re good people to work with every day.”

Next week, we’ll take a look inside Tim’s backpack and get some tips on what to bring along on a one-day hike, including what to wear.

Coastal has Hiking Gear

You’ll find socks, boots, shorts, pants, shirts, jackets, hats, binoculars, fishing and hunting gear, freeze-dried and ready-to-eat food, and anything else you might think about taking with you on your next venture into our nation’s forests.

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