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Product Spotlight | June 22, 2016

Get Ready with Yeti

Nepali folklore speaks of the Yeti as a human-like creature. Around here, we call him Bigfoot.

Born of ice and snow, he is nothing more than a myth. Lucky for us, Yeti coolers and accessories are perfectly real, and perfectly ready to tackle anything you can throw their way – even if a real-life Yeti wanders through your camp.

In 2006, two brothers founded Yeti to build a cooler they’d want to use every day. It’s what has driven them to create some of the most popular outdoor products around, including the Yeti Rambler, Hopper, and Cooler. If you’ve been thinking about adding Yeti to your outdoor lifestyle, here’s a quick look at some of their most popular items.

Yeti Rambler

The Rambler tumbler comes in 30-, 20-, and 10-ounce sizes. They keep cold beverages cold, and hot beverages hot. But what makes these things great is the over-engineering involved, including the kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulation. Every Yeti Rambler is BPA free, and fit most truck cup holders.

Looking to test the quality of a Rambler? Try the hot coffee test. Fill up a Rambler with your favorite morning beverage and check it later in the day. Chances are, it will still be warm, which is pretty amazing for a travel mug.

Yeti Hopper

Looking for a bag that’s also a cooler? The Yeti Hopper soft-sided, portable cooler comes in three sizes for any outdoor need. The Hopper 30 can hold up to 24 cans of your favorite beverage and enough food for the whole family – all in an easy to carry, over-the-shoulder bag that’s both stylish and durable. Seriously, these things stand up to even the most active lifestyle.

Each of the Yeti Hoppers are water tight (they won’t leak…and they float), they’re fully insulated to keep cold items cold for days, and they’re built for anything, including camping, picnics, hunting, or a day on the lake. Fill one up with beverages and ice, and you’ll still have ice a full day later.

Yeti 65 Cooler

This is the ultimate cooler. The name comes from the fact that you can hold up to 65 quarts of liquid in its two-inch thick, insulated-walled, gasket-sealed innards. Essentially, you can pack six 6-packs, lunch for everyone, and still have room to pack out your day’s limit of trout. You could even pack the good portion of a salmon in there. The guys at Yeti have this one dialed in perfectly, designing it to be a seat for even the biggest gentleman, insulated to keep everything fresh, and durable enough to withstand a grizzly bear. In fact, Yeti says these coolers are bear resistant when locked down. Even the latches are tough, molded into the body of the cooler and made out of the same materials used on ATVs.

You’ll Find Yeti at Coastal

Wherever your plans take you in the great Northwest, Coastal has the Yeti products you need. Stop by your nearly location, find the Yeti display, and go home with a tough, long-lasting legend.

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