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Free Workshop: Learn About Beekeeping

February 9, 2018

Ever thought about keeping bees? We’ve teamed up with Mellivo & Project Apis m. to host a free Beekeeping Workshop with Master Beekeeper & Educator George Hansen, and you’re invited. The sage of stingers will be covering some important topics, including

  • What honeybees face today
  • Importance of forage
  • Varroa and how to fight it
  • Packing and installing bees
  • The hardware you need to get started
  • How you can help Project Apis m. with its non-profit mission

Beekeeping Workshop with George Hansen

Friday, February 16, 2018
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Linn County Fair and Expo

3700 Knox Butte Road in Albany, Oregon

We’ll Be Live Streaming

Can’t make it to the event? We’ll be broadcasting live on our Facebook page. It’ll be your chance to tune in, ask questions, and participate from anywhere in the Northwest. It will also be posted right here to our Blog afterwards so that you can sit and watch it at your leisure.

Snacks and Door Prizes Included

There’ll be bite-size goodies to munch on and special prizes. Everyone in attendance will be entered to win.

Order Your Bees at Coastal

We’ll have pre-order forms on hand so you can order your bees with confidence. Or download and fill out the order form here. Then bring it to your nearby Coastal to ensure you have the bees you need this spring. Order Deadline is March 1, 2018. Looking for beekeeping gear? You’ll find what you need at your nearby Coastal, including protective suits, boxes, foundations, smokers and more.

About George Hansen

George has been a big part of the beekeeping industry for decades. Today, George and his wife Susan enjoy teaching others the importance of beekeeping and how to get started while their sons take over the family business, managing 5,000+ colonies in three states. He is the past president of the American Beekeeping Federation, and served for a decade on the National Honey Board, and continues to serve as a trustee on the Foundation for the Preservation of the Honey Bee, and on the board of the Bee Informed Partnership.