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Farm in a Barrel

November 22, 2016

What is Farm in a Barrel?

As the name implies, it’s a farm packed into a barrel. Everything a family needs to start a small chicken, pig, or vegetable farm is packed into a 55-gallon recycled plastic barrel. Items include lightweight, galvanized steel rods, chicken wire, durable nylon cover, feeder and waterer, assembly tools, and instructions. It’s all there. Even the barrel is used in the farming process.

Because all of the materials are packed in the barrel, it’s easy and cost effective to ship. And because it’s easy to setup and understand, new farmers and families can quickly make a positive impact on their own lives and their community.

“Giving someone the opportunity to take care of their own food, welfare, and family is a wonderful thing,” explained Jerry Tindall when asked why he created Farm in a Barrel. “I want to help people find purpose, meaning, and opportunity. This can change lives. It’s a stepping stone that can lead a farmer to bigger and better opportunities.”

Promoting Stewardship and Goodness

Grow International started by delivering barrels to regions of Sierra Leone. Today, Jerry has been invited to countries all over the world to showcase the system and how it can improve the lives of its citizens.

To help promote Farm in a Barrel and bring it to more areas of the world, including Ghana, TruthXVision’s founder Kris Asleson helped Jerry start a fundraising website.

“People everywhere can now support Farm in a Barrel,” said Kris Asleson. “They can sponsor part of a barrel or the whole thing.”

Roll Out the Barrels

This isn’t a handout, it’s a huge hand up! Every donation is used to sponsor and fund a barrel. Once that happens, the barrel is sent overseas to someone in need, it’s assembled, animals and seeds are ordered, and a family learns to take care of themselves and give back to their community.

Already, hundreds of broiler chickens are being produced thanks to Farm in a Barrel. People have hope and a purpose.

This holiday season, join Coastal Farm & Ranch in helping Farm in a Barrel grow even more.

Make Your Donation

At Coastal Farm & Ranch, we see the benefits, and we hope you do too. All it takes is $600 in total donations to pack and send a barrel to a family in need. If enough of us in the Northwest donate what we can ($20, $50 or even $100), it can make a huge impact.

Anything you can donate will be gladly accepted by the folks at Farm in a Barrel who will quickly put it to good use.

Donate Now to TruthxVision a 501(c)3 Corporation. (all donations are tax deductible)