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May 10, 2018

Coastal Mother’s Day Tip: Choosing and Caring for a Hanging Basket

It’s Mother’s Day! One gift she’ll be sure to love is a nice hanging basket filled with vibrant, beautiful flowers. (HINT: you can pick up a gorgeous hanging basket today at your nearby Coastal). This year, help her care for that basket with some growing, placement, and pruning tips from the hanging basket experts at Van Wingerden Greenhouses.

Shade vs. Sun Baskets

Simply choose a basket that fits the conditions where it will be placed. If the sun will hit the basket from 11am to 3pm every day, be sure to get a full-sun basket. Partial shade baskets can handle a lot of sunshine, but not during the heat of the day.

Placement is Important

Do not hang your basket right next to a south-facing wall of any home. The temperatures and heat can toast even the hardiest full-sun baskets. Look for an area where the basket will get some relief from the sun and heat of the day. And be sure the location is easy to water.

Watering is Essential

A hanging basket is not properly watered until fluids drain from the bottom of the basket for 20 seconds. Full sun baskets should get watered every day, if not more often. Shade varieties can be watered less often. Just be sure the soil is always moist.

Fertilize for Fantastic Results

Add a layer of slow-release fertilizer to the top of the soil in all of your baskets. Each time you water, you’ll also be fertilizing your flowers.

Primp and Prune

The experts at Van Wingerden suggest that you continually deadhead blooms and cut back plants that are straggling. This will encourage new flowers and dense growth throughout the basket.

Pick Up a Hanging Basket (or two) this Weekend

You’ll find the perfect hanging basket for your mom at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal all weekend long. You’ll also find aisles of gardening equipment, work clothing, boots, pet food, as well as sports and outdoor equipment. Have a question or two? Our employees are always happy to point you in the right direction and share their country knowhow.

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