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Coastal Fence Makeover Giveaway Winner: Wechter Family

June 11, 2019

Life is quiet when you live on 50 acres just outside Roseburg, Oregon. That is, until you get a call that you’ve won the Coastal Fence Makeover Giveaway. When Coastal showed up on her property with her prize, her family was thrilled. We were too! We had a chance to chat with Missy Wechter about winning and what it will mean for her family in the months ahead.

When Missy found out she had won, she and her kids were up visiting her husband who works as a lineman for Pacific Power.

“Coastal and I played some phone tag, but eventually we connected,” Missy said about coordinating the delivery of her prize: $3,000 worth of fencing from Oklahoma Steel, Bahlen, and Patriot Fence – enough to fence an entire square acre.

“It’s great,” she added. “This will take some of the financial burden off of fencing the property.”

The couple is planning to fence much of their 50 acres and someday run 25 cattle under the name C&B Ranch, LLC. Right now, Missy and her husband are caring for 15 head. The ultimate goal is to breed them and sell the calves.

“It’s a side gig that takes up quite a bit of time,” she said with a laugh.

The couple hopes to have their property fenced this summer.

“We’ve been Coastal customers for 10 years or so,” Missy said with a genuine smile. “It’s nice to go in there and know that they’ll have everything I need in stock.”

Congratulations to the Wechter family on the Coastal Fence Makeover Giveaway. We’re looking forward to seeing that fence up this summer and your happy and healthy cattle grazing contently

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