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Coastal Community

Coastal Farm & Ranch Honored by Extension Cooperator of the Year Award

November 18, 2016

Each year since 1977, Oregon State University Extension Association (OSUEA) has honored individuals and business with the OSUEA Cooperator Award.

Nominated by Extension staff and faculty leadership, those given the award have contributed to Extension programs in some capacity to the benefit of the entire state. This year, Coastal Farm & Ranch was honored to be named the 2016 Extension Cooperator of the Year.

“Even being nominated is amazing,” said Buzz Wheeler, Owner of Coastal Farm & Ranch. “We want to thank John Punches and Karissa Dishon with 4-H Youth Development for nominating Coastal Farm & Ranch. I know I speak for everyone at Coastal when I say that this is truly an honor.”

The award was presented at the Extension Annual Conference on the Oregon State University campus, in Corvallis on November 16. Additional award recipients for the evening included Oregon 4-H Hall of Fame inductees, as well as Oregon Epsilon Sigma Phi Friends of Extension.

In a response to the award, 4-H Youth Development Faculty and Assistant Professor Karissa Dishon wrote a special message on social media, “I am beyond grateful to collaborate with…Coastal Farm & Ranch! Thank You for all of the resources you have donated to the Oregon 4-H program, and specifically for the donation which ultimately restarted the Lane County 4-H Program!”

Some of last year’s recipients include the Albany Democrat Herald, Elk Meadow Elementary School, and Tillamook Bay Community College Board of Education, to name a few.

Recipients of the award are nominated and then awarded based on Extension program involvement, including Extension support and community service. Overall, nominees are evaluated for time contributions with significant impact and leadership, as well as actions beyond what is normally done to conduct business, advisory assistance, fundraising, financial contributions, and political support.

Coastal Farm & Ranch would like to thank everyone at the OSUEA and their continued commitment to educational outreach and conveying research-based knowledge to improve people’s lives, homes, and communities.

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