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Coastal Community

Coastal Customer Spotlight: Sandoz Farm

August 24, 2018

Located just outside The Dalles in Oregon, Sandoz Farm is a wonderfully charming, full-scale operation that prides itself on quality USDA beef and pork, veggies, fruit, farm-fresh eggs, canned goods, jams, pickled items, as well as many fruit syrups. Back in 1880, the farm was established by the Sandoz brothers, and is still family-owned today. We got a chance to chat with Mary Leighton and meet the people who run and care for this amazing farm that has captivated people for generations.

The photos we took at Sandoz Farm speak volumes about this family-owned operation and the hard work and dedication everyone puts into their daily lives.

You’ll find Sandoz Farm products at the local The Dalles farmer’s market and at the Sandoz Farm store. More about Sandoz Farm at

Just What the Country Needs

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