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Coastal Customer Spotlight: Happy Rock Landscape Maintenance

July 12, 2018

Meet Gary Todd, owner and operator of Happy Rock Landscape Maintenance, LLC. He and his team work in and around the Portland, Oregon metro area, trimming, mowing, pruning, bark dusting, over-seeding, and perfecting the art of general landscape maintenance. It’s the sort of business that thrives on great work, repeat business, and referrals. At Coastal, we’re proud to serve this military veteran-owned business that keeps a section of the Northwest well-maintained and happily landscaped.

Honoring Our Heroes

Happy Rock Landscape Maintenance, LLC is owned and operated by a military veteran with a long history of service to our country. Gary Todd is the son of a Marine, was born on Camp Pendleton, and spent four years in the Marine Corps himself. His active duty included Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

“The Marines are in my blood,” Gary proudly stated.

After his service, Gary went into the electrical industry. When he found himself laid off in 2002, he decided to start his own business. You can learn more about Happy Rock Landscape Maintenance, LLC, and even hire Todd and his team to maintain your yard, at their website.

Just What the Country Needs

You’ll find everything you need for your country lifestyle at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal location. That includes work boots and clothing, hunting and fishing gear, feed, fencing, auto accessories, and everything in between.