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Coastal Ag News Roundup

October 30, 2018

In today’s Ag News Roundup, Northwest weather could be affected by warmer ocean temperatures, poplar diseases being studied, how to collect gas from a cow, low genetic diversity in bacteria worrisome, and epidemic levels of Little Cherry Disease confirmed.

Northwest Weather Could be Affected by The Blob

What was first noted and named back in 2013, The Blob is an oceanic and atmospheric phenomenon that creates a large area of warm water in the ocean. Scientists believe it may be part of the cause for environmental changes in the Northwest, specifically in Washington state.

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Poplar Demise Essential for Ecosystem

Oregon State University scientists studying black cottonwood poplars have found a genetic mechanism that makes the trees unable to fight off specific diseases. The findings could be used to protect trees responsible for crops as well as biofuels.

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Gas Collecting Backpacks for Cows

Researchers in Argentina have developed a way to harvest methane from cows using a plastic backpack and tubing inserted into the animal’s digestive tract. The team believes the backpacks could harvest up to 300 liters a day from a single cow.

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CRISPR Could be Influencing Low Genetic Diversity in Deadly Bacteria

Oregon State University scientists have pieced together the history of Rathayibacter toxicus, one of the most toxic soil-borne bacteria in existence. The new information should help keep the bacteria out of the ecosystem, along with the fact it can only be found stored in secure federal facilities.

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Little Cherry Disease Could Pose Issues

Washington State University researches say 2018 has been a bad year for the spread of Little Cherry Disease. The disease has been classified as an epidemic. Researchers say some strands are rare, but it can affect 100% of an orchard in heavily hit areas.

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