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Coastal 101 | Safety | Outdoors | June 23, 2016

Coastal 101 - Gun Safe Basics

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A look at our top 3 safes and their unique differences

A good gun safe is a must in today’s world. Not only does it keep weapons out of the wrong hands, the right safe can help preserve prized possessions for future generations.

Liberty is one of the best Made in the USA safe makers out there, offering lifetime warranties against manufacturer defects, and options to fit every lifestyle, budget, and need.

Take a look at the three top sellers and see for yourself why gun owners across America choose Liberty.

Liberty Centurion 24

What makes the Centurion 24 one of the best safes out there is its 3-layers of fireboard, including the ceiling and the 1-inch composite fire door. All of that layering brings heat resistance of up to 62,000 BTUs. That’s equivalent to 30 minutes at 1,200 degrees.

As for security, this one is military grade, offering 4-inch wide locking bars, and pry resistance with added steel gussets. That means even if someone gets a hold of your safe, they’ll have a very hard time prying it open. You also have your choice of either a dial or electronic lock. The Centurion 24 weighs just 370 pounds, making it ideal for reinforced, upstairs locations. This compact safe measures in at 60 x 29 x 22 inches, with a capacity to safely hold 24 guns.

Liberty Fatboy Granite 64

The Fatboy Granite 64 is more than just big (safely storing a small arsenal of 64 guns), it’s also tough, offering up to 60 minutes of fire protection at 1,200 degrees.

The 11-gauge, steel body, as well as larger and longer bolts will keep your weapons safe. Plus, Liberty’s flexible interior gives you the option to utilize a double collector rack. And at 880 pounds and measuring 60.5 x 42 x 32 inches, this one isn’t going anywhere without some serious equipment. Bolt one in place on your main floor or basement and never worry about it again.

Liberty Fatboy Jr.

Looking for a large-capacity safe that easily mingles versatility with affordability? The Fatboy Jr. could be the perfect choice. This safe stores up to 48 long-guns, incredible fire protection of up to 60 minutes at 1,200 degrees, and a heat-expanding seal that further protects your possessions. When exposed to high temperatures, the seal on the Fatboy Jr. expands to seven times its normal size, creating an incredibly tight seal.

The 11-gauge, steel body gives the Fatboy Jr. one of the highest security ratings in the industry. When you have 11 bolts covering all four sides of the door, and an internal cam-drive bolt locking mechanism, you’re ready for anything. The Fatboy Jr. weighs in a 770 pounds and measures 60.5 x 42 x 25 inches, meaning you’ll want to find a nice spot on the main floor or basement of your home.

Selecting the Right Safe

There are a lot of good reasons to own a gun safe. At the top of the list should be your family’s safety – you want to keep kids away from your guns while still having access when you need it. Plus, a good gun safe will protect your weapons from fire and theft.

Here are some of the basics to help you pick the one that’s right for you.


When shopping for a safe, ask questions about its resistance to fire and water damage. Most of today’s safes offer exceptional protection from fire. In fact, manufactures make it easy to compare protection by telling you how long a safe will stand up to incredible heat – anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes or more. But water resistance is a bit harder to come by. A fire resistant safe will keep out water up to a certain depth for a few hours, but eventually water will seep through the cracks of a non-waterproof safe.

Choosing the Lock

Gun safes come with one of two types of locks: digital or dial. Overall, digital locks are easier to open (quicker retrieval time) and easier to reprogram. One of the few disadvantages is the battery. With dial locks, you never need to worry about batteries, but it will take a bit longer opening the safe in an emergency. If you like technology, go with digital. If you prefer old school, go dial.

Sizing the Situation

How many guns do you need to lock up? How big of a location do you have in your home? These are important questions to answer before you buy a gun safe. Be sure to calculate room for ammunition.

Putting on some Weight

Gun safes weigh a lot – typically well over 500 pounds. That weight makes them more durable as well as fire and theft resistant. But with that weight come some disadvantages, such as moving the safe into your home and where to bolt it into place. The heavier the safe, the less likely you will be able to put it on an upper floor of your home.

Experts suggest installing your safe on the strongest subfloor of your home. Typically, that is the main floor or basement. If you must install a safe into an upper area of your home, reinforce the floor to support the weight.

Locations and Bolts

If your safe includes lights and a dehumidifier, place it near an outlet. Additionally, consider the path to the safe from other areas of your home. You want to be able to reach it quickly in an emergency. Finally, once you have the perfect location, bolt your safe down. The manufacturer will include the proper bolts.

When you start shopping for your gun safe, stop by Coastal. We’ve got all the answers and plenty of models in stock at a store near you.

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