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Camping in the Northwest

April 23, 2019

Over the next handful of weeks, we’ll be exploring the world of camping. That includes essential gear, permits and passes, how to plan out your adventures, and all the camping supplies you’ll find at your local Coastal. Let’s start this series with a quick-and-easy history about camping.

Camping is Different for Everyone

For some, camping is the art of roughing it. These diehard adventurers will hike into their campsite, carrying with them only what they need to survive for a week or weekend. Then there are those who prefer to park their RV on a level campsite complete with water, electricity, and television hook ups.

Coastal tip: learn more about roughing it in the Northwest with this informative article Dispersed Camping on Public Lands from the nice folks over at the Washington Trail Association.

Most of us fall somewhere between those two types of campers. Maybe you like tent camping at a campground or pulling your camper along for the adventure. As of last summer, there were 896 campgrounds in Oregon and 676 in Washington, adding up to thousands of campsites that are both first-come-first-served and available through online reservations.

History of Camping

Most people cite a British gentleman with the invention of camping. His name was Thomas Hiram Holding, and he popularized the activity back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. But, it took an American to really help the craze take off.

William Henry Harrison Murray is known in many circles as the father of the outdoor movement. He wrote several books on the subject, and used his status as a clergyman to encourage people to explore the great outdoors.

Camping Today

Nearly 14% of all Americans go camping at least once every year over an average of 14.5 days. That adds up to 40-million people packing a tent, some sleeping bags, and hitting the trails every summer. How about you? Are you ready to go camping?

Start Your Camping Trip at Coastal

You’ll find fishing and hunting gear, tents, camp stoves, outdoor latrines, equipment for your trailer, and essentials for your campsite at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal. While you’re there, lace up a new pair of hiking boots and go home with plenty of socks and clothing to take your outdoor adventure to the next level.