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Appleatchee Riders Club

August 21, 2016

Horses have long been companions to humans, providing strength for difficult tasks and speedy transportation over long distances. But the horse is much more than a strong back and quick foot, they're a part of our culture, a part of our lives.

After the industrial revolution and a population shift from rural to urban life, it looked as though the horse would fade away into the fabric of American history. While it's true that the horse no longer powers the modern, mechanized economy, they're far from becoming a distant memory.

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Around the Pacific Northwest you'll find horses are still a part of the daily life for some. And it's not just in small towns or rural farms, horse owners can be found in the big metropolitan centers throughout the region.

Groups like the Appleatchee Riders Club are what make owning a horse, no matter where you live, a reality. With their two indoor riding arenas, numerous stalls and 3 outdoor arenas, the group is helping keep our connection to the horse alive and well.

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Appleatchee Riders in Wenatchee, Washington, is a collective of about 600 members that share a deep passion for horses. Member fees, donations and income from hosting riding events helps keep the vast multiplex of arenas and stables located on the outskirts of Wenatchee open for riders young and old alike.

The club oversees the care and maintenance of the grounds and hosts countless practice sessions for all types of riding, from barrel racing to calf roping and dressage. Throughout the year the facility is home to local, state and regional competitions and serves as a permanent home for dozens of horses.

With a long history of promoting sportsmanship and healthy horse care, the Appleatchee Riders Club is the kind of place that continues to exemplify the virtues of horse ownership. Young riders that may not have room for a horse in their urban back yard can still learn the lessons of responsibility and commitment that come from owning a horse.

The horse culture at Appleatchee is obvious, but not intimidating. Young horse owners work in tandem with more experienced riders and wisdom is transferred from one generation to another seamlessly in the barns and in the arena.

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Coastal is proud to be a supporting sponsor of the Appleacthee Riders Club. Their commitment to educating young riders, honoring true horsemanship, and facilitating horse ownership for all types of people is commendable. If you're considering horse ownership, drop by the Appleatchee Riders Club and spend some time with the great people coming and going - you might find yourself swinging into a saddle and riding off into the sunset in no time.