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Ag News Roundup

July 2, 2016
Coastal Ag News Roundup for June 14th

$800,000 Juniper Fund Gets Little Attention

In an attempt to jumpstart Oregon’s budding juniper lumber market, Business Oregon was put in charge of a large fund authorized by the Oregon legislature. The fund, which had only one applicant by late June, offers loans to businesses interested in bringing milled juniper logs to market.

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Two U.S. Scientists Honored with 2016 World Food Prize

The winners of the Nobel Prize for food and agriculture were announced in late June. Of the four awarded, two were from the U.S. The award is given to those who find new and innovative ways of breeding critical vitamins and micronutrients into staple crops. The awards will be given at the 30th Anniversary of the World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa.

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GMO Ruling Appealed in Josephine County

Josephine County Circuit Court Judge Pat Wolke overturned the statewide prohibition on GMOs earlier this year. Nonprofit Oregonians for Safe Farms and Families as well as a local, organic farm are appealing the judge’s ruling.

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Agritourism to Create Jobs and Prosperity

Oregon State tourism officials are hopeful that visitors will soon add eastern Oregon’s rolling wheat fields, colorful orchards, and rugged cattle ranches to their list of places to visit in Oregon. Agritourism is already a thriving industry in other parts of Oregon, with U-pick fields, farm stands, and wineries.

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OSU Department of Crop and Soil Talk Statewide Wheat Trials

According to OSU’s Department of Crop and Soil Science, the keys to successful wheat variety breeding are yield, resistance, and quality. To test their latest varieties, OSU Extension Services will continue to conduct field trials between Hermiston and Lexington along Highway 207. Barley is also getting attention from OSU’s department, aiming to improve crops across the state.

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