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Home & Garden | September 21, 2021

Add Warmth and Value to Your Home One Payment at a Time

Staying warm during the winter months is a must in the Northwest. Whether you’re considering a fireplace or stove, you don’t have to forgo quality and efficiency if a big purchase isn’t in the budget. Instead of worrying about the total price of a new pellet stove, wood stove, or gas stove, the pros at your nearby Coastal Hearth and Home department can help you apply for a Wells Fargo Financial loan of $1,000 or more.

Affordable Financing Available

Just drive to your nearby Coastal with your driver’s license and wander back to the Hearth and Home department. The folks there will fill out the online application for you. As long as you qualify, you’ll be fully funded for your new stove in less than 10 minutes. Then all you need to do is choose your financing option.

Same as Cash for 12 Months: Wells Fargo Financial offers a 0% loan as long as you pay it off in less than 12 months. We suggest making the final payment during the 11th month to avoid interest charges.

Regular Financing: Similar to a line of credit, this option allows you to pay for your stove or fireplace over a longer period of time with interest. This can allow for lower monthly payments depending on your credit and the amount financed.

When financing your stove or fireplace, the insert, piping, hearth, and even the pellets can be added to your loan. The only thing you’ll need to pay out of pocket is the installation. Ask us about the licensed and bonded installation experts we trust to ensure you get a great deal and a good finished product.

Want to get financed right now? John Deere Financial offers loans to folks looking to heat their homes as well as add John Deere machinery to their lives. Just apply here. Be sure to tell them you’re a Coastal Farm & Ranch customer and they’ll get your information over to us. Then, stop by any of our stores and pick out your stove.

The good folks in your nearby Coastal Farm & Ranch Hearth and Home department are ready to help. Stop by and ask about your financing options and how today’s pellet, gas and wood stoves can add beauty, charm, warmth, and value to your home.

Get a Federal Tax Credit of 26%*

Now through December 31, 2022, purchase a qualifying wood or pellet stove or insert from Coastal and receive a Biomass Stove Federal Tax Credit of 26%. Both purchase and installation costs (venting and related materials as well as onsite labor) can be included in your total cost when you take the tax credit.

  Get all the necessary details here.  

Winter Warmth Starts at Coastal

The folks at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal are ready to help. Stop by and ask about your financing options and how today’s pellet, gas and wood stoves can add beauty, charm, warmth, and value to your home.

Stove and Fireplace Tips:

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recently found that stoves and fireplaces manufactured before 1990 are 50% less efficient than today’s models. That means a newer model could burn 1/3 less wood or pellets to produce the same amount of heat.

Double check your overall credit before applying for new credit to avoid maxing out your monthly budget or damaging your rating.

A study by the National Association of Home Builders found that 77% of all potential homebuyers look for a fireplace or stove when shopping for a new home. Having a new stove or fireplace in your home could add value and resale.

Don’t have room for a ton of pellets? We can store them for you in our warehouse. Ask about purchase requirements.

*Wood and Pellet Heater Investment Tax Credit (ITC) 2021. More here.  

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