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Animals | June 28, 2018

5 Essentials for Summertime Adventures with Your Dog

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The Pacific Northwest is the perfect place for summer adventures with your dog, whether it’s a weekend exploring the mountains, or a week-long camping trip into the forests. Before you head out, be sure to check out our article on Campsite Pet Etiquette, as well as Pet Care While Camping. Then, plan ahead and pack these 5 summertime adventure essentials.

A Leash (or two): Yes, it’s easier to go without a leash, especially when you’re hiking along a narrow trail. But in some areas leashes are required. You could even be fined if your pooch is off leash in restructured spaces. When leashes are required, they must be 6-foot or shorter. Anything longer than 6-feet is not appropriate and can result in a fine. Of course, there are plenty of spots that don’t require a leash. However, there is a catch. Your dog must be “under control at all times.” Under control means your dog will come when called.

Poop Bags (and a scooper, if needed): Depending on the size of your dog, their waste can be massive and rather odorous. Plus, their poop can be harmful to wildlife. Do the right thing, and pick up after your pooch and drop it into a garbage can. If that means packing it back out with you, do so. Otherwise, a park ranger might have a word or two with you.

Food, Water, and Receptacles: When you’re away from home, bring more than enough food and water for your dog. Also, bring along the proper receptacles. A backpack-friendly dog bowl is a great option. Plus, pack all of the food and treats in an air-tight container or bag. The last thing you want to do is attract critters or large predators to your location.

Coastal tip: Looking for information about the right food for your canine? Read our Healthy Dog Nutrition Guide.

Health & Wellbeing Items: These include flea and tick repellent (check out our article Avoiding and Treating Flea and Tick Infestations), an identification tag, paw booties, and a dog coat. Why the booties? During the summer heat, rocks and dirt can get very hot. And because our weather is unpredictable, it can be a good idea to fit your pooch with a dog jacket.

Dog Pack. Chances are, your dog has plenty of energy even after a long day of hiking. Put that energy to good use and let your dog carry its own food, water, treats, gear, and bags of poop.

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