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Country Lifestyle

4 Health Benefits of Outdoor Grilling

June 3, 2023

Backyard grilling has become something of an American pastime. Unlike a lot of our favorite activities, grilling can be good for you. Lighting up the grill and tending to a steak or ears or corn can reduce stress while the process of cooking over a fire or with smoke can make many foods healthier. Here’s how to bring these health benefits to your family.

1.  Less Fat and Calories

Meat is packed with protein, but it can also contain a lot of fat. Grilling helps eliminate some of it. When you grill fish, beef, chicken, or other meats over a fire or in a smoker, the unhealthy fats drip away. This can reduce the levels of fats that contain bad cholesterol and the number of calories in your meal. The fats that remain can often be considered heart-healthy.

2.  More Vitamins

Grilling meats and vegetables can help preserve essential vitamins. That includes vitamins B6, B12, and B3 in meats. Like broccoli? When you grill it, you’ll end up with more vitamin C than you would with either steaming or baking it, according to findings by Scientific and Technology Research.

3.  Added Fiber and Antioxidants

When you grill fruits and vegetables, you’ll retain their antioxidants, which can help reduce your risk of chronic diseases. Another bonus of grilling is fiber. When you grill items such as bell peppers, eggplant, and more, you’ll keep a lot of the fiber, which can reduce your chances of developing digestive issues, lowers cholesterol levels, maintains healthy blood sugar, and could help you live longer.

4.  Fewer Carcinogens (when you clean your grill)

As a refresher, carcinogens can be created when foods are burned or charred. These carcinogens can cause issues in people at high risk for some cancers. Yes, it’s easy to burn vegetables and meats on the grill, but generally speaking that’s not what people want in their food. Additionally, Columbia University Irvine Medical Center found that properly grilled fruits, vegetables, and meats did not significantly increase a person’s risk for cancer. However, cleaning your grill regularly to remove burned bits of food and debris can have a big impact on your health. By cleaning your grill after every use, you may be able to reduce the amount of carcinogens you consumer, lowering your chance of some types of cancer.


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