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Country Kitchen | December 18, 2022

Homemade for the Holidays Roundup

Depending on what you want to make or take to your next holiday event, you’ll find a homemade recipe that’s both easy to follow and customize in this week’s holiday roundup. Happy holidays from everyone at Coastal.



Bacon Jam: With this easy recipe, you’ll have toppings for hamburgers and meatloaf, something to spread on a cracker with Brie, the best appetizer dip ever, or something to secretly eat right out of the jar.



Chocolate Dipped Pretzels and Homemade Almond Roca: This is the perfect time of the year for wonderful goodies. And nothing is more wonderful than chocolate dipped pretzels and homemade almond Roca.



Gluten-free Cranberry Sweet Bread: This winning, homemade for the holidays creation is perfect for any get-together or give-giving opportunity. Don’t need it to be gluten free? You can substitute flour to make it your way.



Hot Chocolate Popcorn: Chocolate and popcorn are meant to be together. Seriously. Try this recipe for hot chocolate popcorn and you’ll experience the perfect amount of sweet, salty, and savory goodness.



Hot Chocolate Truffle Bombs: These delicious bombs are a taste explosion and a favorite for kids and adults alike. You’ll need a handful of ingredients and some space in your freezer. 



Holiday Cookies: Get set to make a batch of holiday cookies. Don’t worry, it’s not a complicated recipe. In fact, it’s easy enough that you can have the kids help.



Peppermint Candies: The perfect gift for neighbors, co-workers, and dear friends isn’t some last-minute gift you pick up at the store. It’s peppermint candles.



Quick Caramels: With a handful of ingredients and a microwave, you’ll have a batch of caramels that the whole family will love.



Roasted Nuts: If you have a smoker and a short list of ingredients, you have what it takes to craft some savory, sweet, and spicy holiday roasted nuts.



Smoked Summer Sausage: Give this sausage recipe a try in your smoker. The results are totally worth the wait.



Smoked Teriyaki Jerky: Making your own teriyaki jerky isn’t tough. All you need are a handful of ingredients and some free time amid the gift wrapping and holiday movie watching.


Toffee Barking Crackers: This is a take on a Christmas classic, bark candy. It’s a quick recipe, made with easy-to-find and even easier to combine ingredients.


Coastal Loves Homemade Recipes and Gifts

We’re always adding more homemade recipes and craft suggestions to our website. The next time you stop by, check out the aisles of canning and cooking supplies to get the most of out your culinary creations.
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