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Year-Round Lawn Care Tips (Part 2)

March 31, 2017

A good lawn can add value to almost any home. There is the curbside appeal, your own personal enjoyment, the increased resale value it creates, and the fact that even a small lawn provides enough oxygen for a family of four. Even George Washington knew the value of a well-manicured lawn, being credited with growing one of the first lawns in the U.S. Times have changed since then. Today’s lawn care tips should help you grow and maintain a lush, green lawn in the months ahead.


Depending on rainfall and your lawn’s drainage, your lawn should be growing quickly. Essentially, May is just like April, except you’ll be mowing your lawn more often.

Mowing: Set your mower to cut just the top of your grass. Ideally, you want to leave 3-inches of lawn behind when you mow. Yes, this means you could be cutting your lawn twice a week.

Seed: As in April, apply seed to any bare patches.

Feed: Try Scotts Turf Builder Plus to encourage new grass growth and kill weeds at that same time.

Spot Treating: Continue to use a lawn-safe weed killer to eliminate weeds.


As things begin to heat up, you’ll need to start watering your lawn. The good news is, the healthier your lawn and soil, the less water it will take to keep it green.

Mowing: If you cut your grass too short, it will be more likely to get weeds, suffer from heat damage, and require more water. And if it’s too long, you’ll invite grubs and mosquitoes. The ideal height for your lawn depends on the type of grass you have. Typically, you’ll want to keep it around 2-inches long from now until the end of summer.

Watering: Every lawn is different, especially when you factor soil types, slopes and drainage. The rule of thumb is to water for 15 minutes twice a week during the summer months or more as needed. Be sure to water early in the morning, between 4am and 10am.


The heat of summer means you can take a break. There isn’t a lot to do except to mow occasionally and water as needed. This is a great time to sharpen your lawn mower blade.

Mowing: Try to limit mowing until the lawn grows above 3-inches in length. Also, try to limit foot traffic on your lawn this time of year.

Watering: The same watering schedule applies with watering for no more than 15 minutes twice a week or more as needed. Only water early in the morning to avoid wasting water.

Coastal Tip: Test your lawn’s need for water with a 6-inch screwdriver. Simply push the screwdriver into the lawn. If it goes in easy, you don’t need to water right away.


Now is the perfect time to start fertilizing again, feeding your lawn, and getting ready for fall.

Mowing: Mow only when needed.

Watering: As our Northwest summer heat intensifies, some lawns might be better off with more frequent watering. However, it’s important to limit each watering to 1/10th of an inch. Otherwise, the water will just run off or evaporate.

Fertilize: It’s time to start planning ahead with a fall-grade fertilizer. Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard is a great option. You can also apply compost or manure over your lawn. But let’s be honest, spreading pre-packaged fertilizer is a lot easier and less aromatic.

Coastal Loves Lawns

Whether you live up in the mountains or down in the valley, you’ll find everything you need to keep your lawn lush and green this summer at your nearby Coastal Farm & Ranch. That includes spreaders for small lawns or large estates, turf builders, lawn food, fertilizers, rakes, lawn mowers, and a great supply of Scotts lawn care products.