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OSU and Coastal Sacks for Students

September 11, 2022

OSU and Coastal Sacks for Students

No student should have to worry about their next meal. That’s why Coastal is proud to have teamed up with the OSU Beavers to sponsor Sacks for Students. Every time the Beavers record a sack, Coastal makes a cash donation to the OSU food pantry. Here’s why we’re involved and how you can help.

Thousands of Students Need Support

Every week, an average of 600 OSU students as well as college employees and those in the nearby community come to the campus food bank. That adds up to nearly 25,000 visitors seeking food support, which includes the OSU food pantry, Healthy Beaver Bags, and cooking classes.

The food pantry is open to those who meet income qualifications. But the support doesn’t stop there. They also hold weekly food pantry events and recipe-kit distribution, as well as help with SNAP benefit forms.

Walk-ins are Welcome

The OSU Basic Needs Center is there to help get students and those who qualify what they need.

You Can Make a Difference

Learn how you can make a difference here. Are you a local gardener (in and around Corvallis, Oregon) with too much zucchini or other vegetables? OSU Food Pantry can take them off your hands and get them to those with less. Just stop by the OSU food pantry during regular business hours.

Coastal Sacks for Students

Catch all of this year’s football games and cheer on your favorite Oregon State Beavers with Coastal. Go, Beavs!