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Coastal Community | November 20, 2022

Meet the Outside Sales Team: Dotty and Cole

Whether you care for a handful of chickens or a large herd of cattle, the Coastal outside sales team can do the shopping for you. Dotty Cooper and Cole Stultz are a dynamic duo who help Coastal customers buy whatever they need, from clothing and feed to fencing and more.




“The best part of my job is getting to talk to my customers and getting to know them and their needs,” Dotty recently said about her outside sales position. “People like the personal attention.”

When asked what he likes best about working outside sales, Cole said, “My clients know they can call me for support and ask any questions. I always give 100% and I’m always here to help.”

Connect with Coastal Outside Sales

Your West Coast-owned and operated Coastal offers outside sales support for anyone who needs it. Connect with Dotty and Cole today and let them help you find everything the country needs.
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