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Coastal Community | November 6, 2022

Coastal Employee & Customer: Jess Ropp - Ropp Family Farm

Back in 2010, Jess and his wife, Greta, created Ropp Family Farm. The plan was to raise cattle and kids, and create lifelong memories. They’ve done that and so much more. Today, Jess is celebrating 17 years as a Coastal employee, over a decade as a ranch owner, and the praise of his beef customers who give him rave reviews.


“A lot of the things I learned on the farm have really benefitted me and applied to the rest of my life,” Jess said with a humble yet experienced country smile. “Through 4-H is how I got my job over at Coastal. I’ve been there ever since.”

We’re lucky to have a guy like Jess in the Coastal family. He’s a fixture around here. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for bringing your expertise and country lifestyle to everyone, Jess. Here’s to 17 more years of marketing genius and first-hand farm life know-how.

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