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Coastal Community

Coastal 2022 Year in Review

January 1, 2023

2022 was a year to remember. From conflicts abroad to issues here in the U.S., there was always something to talk about around the dinner table. That included how we can all make a difference in and around the community. At Coastal, it’s an absolute honor to stock our shelves with everything the country needs, support hard work, and save a life whenever possible. Here’s a quick look at 2022 at our stores and around the communities we serve.



Doing More for Youth Ag

We know how much work goes into raising livestock for fairs and other events. That’s why we do what we can to help those in 4-H and FFA. In 2022, we were proud to give away thousands of Coastal 5-gallon buckets to 4-H fair participants and others. We were also honored to purchase hundreds of thousands of pounds of FFA and 4-H livestock animals in 2022. Those will fill a few freezers, for sure. And to help out even more, we offered youth discounts of 10% off the regular price on select supplies needed to grow, train, and keep animals in top shape for fair, along with 5% cash back on eligible Youth Ag Program purchases. Last year, that 5% cash back offer added up to close to $200,000. To everyone in the Coastal Youth Ag Program, congratulations on an amazing year. Here’s to a wonderful 2023!


Raising and Giving Thousands to Food Banks

Coastal matched customer food bank donations up to $2,000 at all 21 of our stores. Together we raised over $125,000! In Lacey, one anonymous customer gave $1,000 to the cause. Thank you to everyone who participated. Plus, we were honored to give $1,000 to the Salvation Army to help buy turkeys and other Thanksgiving staples to feed folks in The Dalles.


Coastal Believes in Safety First

After several gun lock giveaways at our Washington store locations in the past, customers lined up to get a free gun lock at the Corvallis Coastal. To promote water safety and save lives, we proudly handed out 300 youth life vests at each of our 21 stores on June 25, right as the summertime watersport season was beginning.


Giving Warmth

We were proud to help collect hundreds of coats for those in need throughout the communities we serve. Thank you to everyone who donated a new coat to this wonderful cause during the month of November.



21 Coastal Locations and 1,000 Employees Strong

Our store locations include White City, Klamath Falls, Roseburg, as well as our newest store in Lacey, Washington. Our headquarters are in Albany, Oregon. To help run those stores and ensure our customers find just the country needs, Coastal employs over 1,000 knowledgeable people dedicated to customer service. Go team Coastal!


Celebrating 60 Years

Since 1963, we’ve had just what the country needs. We want to thank you for choosing Coastal for your country way of life — including feeding livestock, mending fence, giving it your all, and caring for those you love. We’re looking forward to celebrating 60 years of service throughout 2023! We hope you’ll join us.