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Coastal 101

How to Clean and Care for Your Carhartt Clothing

July 21, 2023

From jeans for men and women, to functional fashion, as well as workwear for on-the-job comfort and protection, Carhartt makes it all. Best of all, Coastal carries it. But how do you keep those clothes looking like new after a hard day’s work? The Coastal crew has some tips.

Examine Clothes Carefully Before Washing

Whether it’s a heavy Carhartt work jacket or a lightweight t-shirt, double check every pocket, button, Velcro attachment, and zipper. Take everything out of the pockets and fasten every closure. This will help your Carhartt gear last longer.

Turn Everything Inside Out

This is especially true for any workwear that contains reflective strips. Plus, turning clothing inside out can help keep them looking like new.

Check the Care Label

All Carhartt pants, shirts, jackets and more have a proper care and maintenance label. Look for information about special detergents to avoid. Most work wear should never be washed with detergents containing bleach, starches, chlorine, or hydrogen peroxide as these can damage the fabrics that make certain fire-resistant clothing effective. If possible, buy detergent that is formulated for sensitive skin.

Additionally, that label will help you pick the right temperature to wash your Carhartt gear. In most cases, do not wash anything designed for work beyond medium heat.

Coastal tip: Do not use fabric softeners with any of your Carhartt gear designed for work or protection. Additionally, if you have hard water in your home, try washing your fire resistant clothing at a nearby laundromat.

Carefully Dry

Some clothes will allow you to use the dryer on a low or medium heat, while others may require that you wring or twist them out and lay flat to dry overnight. Triple-check the drying requirements for all of your Carhartt gear and follow the recommended techniques.

Clean Often

If you’re exposed to chemicals or consistent dirt and debris, you may want to wash your work and other Carhartt clothing more often than usual. Properly washing and drying your gear, even on a more regular basis, should not cause your clothing to wear out much faster than normal.

Coastal Has Your Carhartt Gear

From pants and jackets for any jobsite, to jeans and t-shirts, hats, and more, you’ll find a full line of Carhartt clothing at Coastal. Stop by today and try on everything your country needs, including gear to keep you safe and comfortable in many conditions.