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Coastal 101 | Outdoors

Fishing 101: Tackle Box Essentials

March 15, 2017

A day on the river, lake, or wherever the fish are biting requires more than just a license, rod, and reel. You need to pack your tackle box too. While there is always a debate over which lures and extra line are best, today’s almanac entry will cover some of the basics and help you plan ahead.

Extra Line and Hooks: Even the most advanced anglers hit a snag now and then. When you lose your line, it’s nice to have everything you need on hand to replace it. Just make sure your line and hook match where and what you’re fishing. If you’ll be on a calm, clear lake go with a thin line and a smaller hook.

Bobbers: Also known as a floater in some parts of the Northwest, these little beauties bob into the water when a fish is nibbling your line.

Worms: Either go out the night before and dig up your own crawlers, hit the bait shop on your way out, or choose plastic worms.

Sinkers: Grab a variety pack of sinkers and you’ll have no problem dropping your hook and worm into deeper waters.

Lures: Depending on your type of fishing, you’ll want to pack a handful of lures. Some of the best for local lakes and rivers include: stick bait, finesse worm, jig (good for almost any kind of fishing), crankbait, spinnerbait, floater, spoon, and jerkbait.

Needle Nose Pliers: You’ll need your pliers to take hooks out of fish, tighten down your sinkers, and more.

Knife and Fingernail Clippers: Be sure to pack a good knife. You’ll need it to gut your catch or whittle a stick. So, why pack a pair of fingernail clippers? Because those clippers are far better at cutting fishing line than any knife.

Sunscreen and Emergency Supplies: Sunscreen and a first aid kit are always a welcome sight when needed. Pack a small supply and you’ll be ready for anything.

Bag of Beef Jerky (or other munchies): This one needs no explanation, other than it’s a must.

Fish for Fishing Gear at Coastal

You’ll find the rods, reels, lures, bobbers, waders, and clothing for your next fishing adventure at most Coastal Farm and Ranch stores. We even have beef jerky. Not sure what you need? Just ask. If we carry it, our friendly folk will show you the way.