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Decorating Your Yard & Garden

May 29, 2019

Green, lush yards and gardens are a wonderful sight. But with fading summertime flowers and blooms that come and go, one of the best ways to add color and whimsy to your yard and garden is with some outdoor decorations. We’ve compiled a few for you to try on your property.

More Birdhouses

Adding several colorful birdhouses to the side of your fence, shed, or outbuilding can create an interesting effect in any yard. Build your own birdhouses from scrap lumber or pick up several from your local farmers market. Check out our article Farmers Market: How to Start Selling Your Products if you make birdhouses and are looking for a place to sell them.

Flowerpot Sculptures

Your leftover, broken or chipped flowerpots can be used to create interesting and fun sculptures. Give each one a fresh coat of colorful paint and then piece them together with twine or rebar to create scarecrows, towers, or small walls. You might even place them around the yard and fill them up with colorful rocks.

Paint Your Wagon

Have an old, rusting wagon laying around? Give it a fresh coat of paint, drill some holes in the bottom, and turn it into a wonderful spot for flowers. Be sure to add a layer of rocks to help with drainage. Depending on your climate, the shallow soil in the wagon may be best suited for annuals as well as varieties such as hen and chicks.

Headboard Gates and Trellises

Turn an old, twin-size, wood headboard into a useful gate. All you’ll need are some hinges and a new latch. Or take those old slotted headboards and place them alongside beans or other climbing vegetables. It’ll give your garden a fun look, and your veggies will have a place to grow.

Recycling for Yourself

Yard art is all around you, if you know where to look. Everything from old bicycles and chairs, to fencing, car parts, old doors, broken bird baths, windows, and toy trucks can be used as simple yard and garden art. You might even try turning some of them into planters. Don’t forget to give your items a fresh coat of paint to brighten them up when needed.

You’ll Find Amazing Yard Art and Accessories at Coastal

Stop by your Northwest owned and operated Coastal today where you’ll find ready-to-go, country-style yard art that everyone will love. From windmills and trellises to inspirational signs, country- and hunting-inspired metal cutouts and more. It’s all here. You’ll also find outdoor furniture to help you get out and relax in your backyard paradise.