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Coastal 101 | April 16, 2022

Coastal 101: Springtime Lawn Mower Maintenance

When your mower is well maintained, it not only cuts the grass better, it can also save you money. Today, John and the Coastal crew will show you how to get your lawn mower ready for the season and how to maintain it.



John and the Coastal crew share some springtime lawn mower maintenance tips and tricks.

Springtime Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

  • If you added a fuel stabilizer last fall, empty it. While it’s empty, change the oil.
  • Check your spark plug. Changing it every other year.
  • After each mowing, rinse or blow off the grass and dirt.
  • Sharpen your blade every other month during the mowing season. Your mower will last longer if you don’t leave behind wet grass and clumps of dirt.
  • Add fresh gas after each use.
  • Check the oil after every use.

If you have a riding mower, add the following:
  • Check the belt for cracks and fraying.
  • Check the pulley. Replace the belt if necessary.
  • Add grease to all of the wheels, the differential, and the blade as needed.

Coastal Has New Mowers and Plenty of Parts

Your West Coast-owned and operated Coastal has everything you need for a beautiful lawn and garden. Grab what you need to make your life in the country and the suburbs a little more lush, including fuel stabilizers, blades, and plenty of mowers in stock.

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