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Coastal 101 | May 17, 2020

Coastal 101: Installing a Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener

How to Install a Powered Gate Opener

Having a large gate on your property is a must. But what about opening and closing that gate? The answer is an automatic opener from Mighty Mule. Today, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to properly power a gate so you can open and close it with a remote control.


John and Jess install a Mighty Mule gate opener on a 16-foot Balen gate.  

How to Install a Powered Gate Opener

Be sure your fence post is firmly attached to the ground and the gate is level.


First, assemble the post-bracket subassembly by taking the post pivot bracket and securing it between the two post brackets.


Next, attach both the gate post-bracket subassembly and the gate bracket to the operator. Then, place the pivot bracket end into the rear mount of the operator and secure them together using the clevis pin and hairpin clip. Next, attach the gate bracket to the front end of the gate opener, installing the clevis pin through the gate bracket and opener. Add a hairpin clip to secure it in place.

Check the placement of the operator for clearance and level. Start by opening the gate and using a C-clamp to hold the arm to the gate. Now, you can make your holes for the gate.


Make sure there are at least 2-inches of clearance between the gate and the operator. The operator should be level. Next, disconnect the operator from the gate bracket. While holding the operator, swing the gate to the closed position. As long as the gap between the end of the operator and the gate bracket isn’t more than 20 inches, you’re good.


Now, reopen the gate and unhook the operator. Then secure the post pivot bracket and post-bracket subassembly by marking and drilling holes and then locking them in place with the provided hardware. Finally, reattach the operator.


You’re now ready to tackle the control box. Begin by loosening the four screws that hold the cover in place. This gives you access to separate the battery box from the control board case. Next, mount the battery box no more than 4 feet from the primary gate opener.


Connect the battery to the harness. Place the battery in the battery box with the terminals facing right, knock out the battery access cable hole in the control board and fish the wire through. Now, secure the control board case to the battery box with the provided screws, and attach the antenna to the external SMA connector.


To wire the operator to the panel, remove one of the two sealing nuts on the bottom of the control box and feed the operator wiring through. Then close up the sealing nut to lock the wiring in place. Now, connect the wires to the Primary Operator Set. You’ll find these next to the terminals labeled AUX. Correctly insert the green, white, red, and black wires.


Next, feed the AC power or solar panel power supply wire through one of the two access ports at the bottom of the control box. Connect the red wire to the Power Positive Terminal and the black wire to the Power Negative Terminal. Then take the battery wires and connect them with the battery wiring. It should click in place.

Once the unit has turned on, you can set the close position limit by following the directions that came with your Mighty Mule Gate Opener. Shop Mighty Mule products here.

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