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Coastal 101 | June 11, 2022

Coastal 101: How to Use a Bee Smoker

Honeybees are incredible creatures. They pollinate our crops, give us honey, and with a little help from Coastal, you can have your own hive. Today John and the Coastal crew share some tips on how to use a smoker to calm bees and encourage them to retreat deeper into the hive for your safety.




John and the Coastal crew share tips on using a smoker to calm a hive of bees.

How to Use a Smoker

  1. First, open the top of the smoker.

  2. Crumple up some paper and add it to the inside of the smoker.

  3. Add a small handful of Harvest Lane Honey smoker pellets on top of the paper. Be sure to use the correct pellets. Don’t use barbecue or wood-stove pellets that could contain harmful additives.

  4. Light a corner of the paper. Once the pellets ignite, blow out the flame and close the lid. Start pumping the bellows to get the smoke going.

Coastal Tip: You can also use Harvest Lane Honey burlap in place of the pellets and paper. 

  5. To put the smoker out, plug the nozzle of the smoker with a wet rag.

Coastal is Your Beekeeping Headquarters

You’ll find Harvest Lane Honey beekeeping gear for newcomers as well as pros at your West Coast-owned and operated Coastal. Stop by your local store and our experts will help you find everything you need.

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