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Country Kitchen | November 20, 2022

How to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey

Ever wonder how people get so good at carving a Thanksgiving turkey? The answer is plenty of practice. Plus, someone probably shared a few helpful, step-by-step directions. This year, impress everyone at your dinner table with this week’s Coastal 101.

Check Out the How-To Video (or directions below)
All you’ll need are a good knife, serving platter, and a fully-cooked turkey.

Coastal tip: All you really need is a 6” knife to properly carve a turkey.  


Step 1: Let the Bird Cool

When you’re done cooking the turkey, don’t just cut into it. Let it cool until you can easily handle it. This will ensure the juices find their way back into the meat. Plus, it will save you from burning your fingers.

Coastal tip: Want to keep from dulling your carving knife? Remove the skin from the bird beforehand. 

Step 2: Take Off the Legs

Turn the bird around so the legs are facing you. First, remove the left leg by pushing down on the leg and cutting through the joint. Remove the right leg the same way.

Now, you want to separate the drumstick from the other dark meat. Find the V where the drumstick and leg are connected. Cut straight through the joint to separate them. Do the same for the right leg and drumstick. Set both drumsticks on your platter. To separate the dark meat from the thigh bone, run your knife along the bone and twist the leg at the same time. This will easily separate the meat from the bone. Slice the meat and place it all on your platter.

Step 3: Remove the Wings

Just cut them right off and place both on your platter. Someone at the dinner table will want them.

Step 4: Pull Open the Top of the Turkey

Using your hands, pull the top of the turkey open. Then, using your knife, cut along the left side of the bone. That breast should just fall right off. Do this for both sides. You will end up with two breast pieces.

Step 5: Cut Across the Grain

You’ll see lines in the breast meat. Simply cut across those lines to perfectly slice the breast meat. Place it all on your serving platter and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Coastal tip: Keep your slices no more than 1/8” thick to keep the pieces from drying out.

Giving Thanks to You and Yours

Everyone at Coastal would like to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. We look forward to serving you and delivering just what the country needs throughout the Northwest.

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