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Coastal 101 | June 26, 2021

Coastal 101: 3 Ways to Wrap an Extension Cord

When it comes to wrapping extension cords, there are about as many techniques as there are types of cords. John Kelly and the Coastal crew share three of their favorite tried-and-true cord wrapping methods.

John shares several cord-wrapping techniques to help manage your extension cords.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to wrap an extension cord?
One of the easiest methods is the elbow wrap. Just hold one end of the cord in your hand and start wrapping it around your bent arm. When you get near the end, leave several feet of cord to wrap around the middle, and plug the two ends together. One word of caution: don’t roll too tightly or you’ll twist the cord over time.

How to store extension cords?
When not in use, storing outdoor-use extension cords in a dry location can help prolong the life of an extension cord as well as help prevent potential hazards. Hang your extension cords in a garage, truck toolbox or cab, tack room, shed, or other location where they are both handy and protected from the elements.

How to wrap electrical cords?  
The chain method is a nice way to wrap electrical cords. Start by connecting the male and female ends together. Then, find the end opposite the plugs and make an overhand knot. Then put your free hand through the loop of the knot you just made, grab the strands of cord, and pull them through the loop to form another loop. Repeat the process over and over until you have a nice chain. Tie off the end and hang it proudly in the garage.  

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