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Coastal 101 | Animals

Coastal 101 - Saddle Basics Video

March 1, 2016

Coastal equine specialist Miranda Dickson saddles up for this helpful how-to

Saddle Up with Coastal!

When it comes to saddling your horse there's a few basics you'll want to know before cinching up and hitting the dusty trail. In this episode of Coastal 101, host John Kelly and Coastal equine specialist Miranda Dickson go through the saddling process and talk about important topics, such as:

  • Choosing the right tree for your horse
  • How to saddle your horse safely
  • Knowing whether the saddle fits
  • Proper Cinching

If you're new to horses, not sure what saddle to buy, or whether it's the right fit for your horse, Coastal has the know-how you need to make a good decision. Our helpful employees understand the choices you need to make when it comes to caring for, and enjoying your horse. Stop by Coastal today.