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Coastal 101 | Animals

Coastal 101 - For The Birds

April 16, 2023

Nothing beats rising in the morning to the sound of birds. With spring in the air, many bird species are returning to the Pacific Northwest from their winter travels. Other local winged wonders are starting to become more active now that the wind, rain and snow are giving way to warmer days with more sun. This Coastal 101 shares some tips to feed those birds and enjoy them as much as possible.

We love to see the finches darting around in the spring air and hear the songs of the numerous songbirds of our great landscape. To make things even easier, we've put together a quick How To on selecting the right feed, and feeder, for the birds frequenting your patio, porch or paddock. Coastal bird and fowl specialist Wayne Wiles talks with Coastal 101 about the features of certain feeders and feed that'll keep your songbirds singing and your hummingbirds humming

Do you have a favorite photo from your feathery visitors? Post it to our Facebook page, or #coastalfarm on Instagram. We love seeing what's flying around your place.