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Animals | Product Spotlight | February 9, 2018

Products We Love: Country Companion®

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When it comes to a proper balance of nutrients and health, Country Companion® has what your animals need. And Coastal is your one-stop destination to find these special feeds for your whole flock, rabbits, senior horse, pigs, sows, cattle, and goats.

All Flock
All Flock

This feed includes a multi-purpose, nutritious formula that’s perfect for your layers, broilers, ducks, turkeys, geese, and pheasants over eight weeks of age. It’s solid nutrition to keep your whole flock healthy and productive.

  • Fortified with protein, vitamins, and minerals
  • Contains 20% protein and balanced amino acids
  • Suitable for mixed flocks of poultry

Rabbit Feed
Rabbit Feed

Country Companion® Rabbit Feed is formulated specifically for bunnies of all ages, including herd bucks, dry does, pregnant does, nursing does, young, as well as developing rabbits. This feed is properly balanced to enhance growth, feed efficiency, good health, and help eliminate the need for supplementation.

  • Includes balanced amino acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, and added probiotics
  • Formulated for rabbits of all ages
  • Enhanced to support your rabbit’s good health

Senior Horse Feed
Senior Horse Feed

Nutritionally balanced to help your senior horse live a long, healthy life, this feed is designed to be fed as a sole ration for maintenance and performance. Country Companion® has even added lysine to support muscle development and guaranteed levels of biotin to support coat and hoof quality.

  • Includes organic trace minerals, yeast culture, and added probiotics
  • Formulated for overall health and longevity
  • Enhanced to support a healthy immune system

Pig & Sow
Pig and Sow

Designed by Country Companion® to be fed to all classes of swine, from 20 pounds to maturity, this complete, single-bag feed is perfect for all life stages. Includes specially balanced proteins and amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to support growth and muscle development.

  • Complete feed for pigs from 20 pounds to market weight
  • Contains amino acids and proteins
  • Fortified with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids

Goat Feed
Goat Feed

Country Companion® has the perfect feed for your starting, growing, breeding, and lactating goats. Each bag is packed with wholesome nutrition, vitamins, minerals, protein, ammonium chloride for a healthy unitary tract, and proper copper levels for a healthy coat, immune response, and health hoof.

  • Complete feed fortified for dairy and meat goats
  • Added vitamins and minerals, with ammonium chloride
  • Great taste to encourage eating and support growth

Coastal Carries Country Companion®

You’ll find the full line of Country Companion® feed at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal. That includes bags of cracked corn, whole corn, layer crumble, layer pellet, scratch feed, 12% all stock, and chick start. It’s all here, along with everything you need to care for your critters. Stop by and tell us what you need and our folks will gladly show you around, hand out some helpful advice, and send you home with everything the country needs.

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