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Coastal 101 | Animals | Outdoors | September 27, 2020

Coastal 101: Hunting Dogs

Taking Fido to the store is one thing, taking him out bird hunting is another. Get some insider tips on how to get your dog, and yourself, ready for your next hunting trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you train a hunting dog?
In addition to a quality carrying crate and basic verbal commands, training a hunting dog requires socialization with other dogs and humans, a proper diet, as well as room to run.

How do you train a dog to shed hunt?
Training a dog to hunt for shed antlers starts with controlled hunts. Start by showing them what antlers are, where they might be found, and allow them to work at their own pace.

How to train a duck hunting dog?
Focus on basic obedience then introduce them to water at a young age. Additionally, you’ll need to expose them to the sound and sights of firearms and how to soft-mouth a scented training dummy.

Can any dog be a hunting dog?
That depends on a lot of variables. The dog’s disposition and intelligence as well as the patience of the trainer all work together in proper training and success.

What do hunting dogs eat?
Kibble as well as a mix with cooked and raw meat, vegetables and rice can be a healthy diet for many dogs.

How do you calm down a hunting dog?
When a dog is excited from hunting, a kennel, treat, or personal attention may prove to help calm them down.

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