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Feeding Your Dog and Supporting Our Troops

July 6, 2017

America is currently home to 21.8 million military veterans. We owe them everything, which is why Merrick Pet Care is supporting a non-profit known as K9s for Warriors. This wonderful organization pairs rescue dogs with military men and women suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disability (PTSD), brain injury and/or other military trauma as a result of service post-9/11.

1-in-5 Vets Suffer from PTSD

While it might seem impossible to help every vet with PTSD, K9s for Warriors is doing its part. This 100% free program, located in St. Johns County, Florida, has already issued service canines to 323 of our nation’s warriors.

The support doesn’t stop there. Each veteran is taught how to interact with their dog. Plus, the dog is taught how to care for their warrior. That relationship allows veterans and their families to deal with the effects of PTSD, helping them go out into public, interact with others, and enjoy dignity and independence.

Beyond the psychological benefits, veterans are given 120 hours of certification training, legal instruction, vet care, housing and home-cooked meals during their stay at K9s for Warriors, as well as lifelong healthcare and food for their four-legged caretakers.

Having Our Warrior’s Backs

According to some experts, service canines help with PTSD where medications often fail. Because these dogs are considered medical equipment, they can accompany American veterans anywhere they go – even to the store.

The reason the program works so well is because the veteran is involved in training the dog. The canine bonds with its warrior, and the warrior is a vital part of their own recovery.

BackCountry by Merrick

Saving Veterans One Dog at a Time

If you’re a post-9/11 veteran with PTSD or if you know someone who could benefit from the K9s for Warriors program, send them to There, you’ll find applications for enrollment and ways you can donate to this worthwhile cause.

Merrick Supports K9s for Warriors

For several years, Merrick has provided each K9s for Warriors service dog with all the meals and training treats they need. It’s a big commitment, but one they’re proud to honor. At Coastal Farm & Ranch, we’re proud to offer Merrick’s products in our stores. In July, we’re offering a money-saving coupon that will save you money and could help save lives.

You’ll Find Merrick at Coastal

Merrick Backcountry Hero’s Banquet features a kibble infused with freeze-dried raw meat and a wet food. Each is 100% grain free, high in protein, and helps your dog maintain healthy hips and joints as well as skin and coat. Right now, a portion of every purchase of Merrick Backcountry Hero’s Banquet goes to help K9s for Warriors.

Coastal Extra: The freeze-dried raw meat used by Merrick is prepared by OFD Foods out of Albany, Oregon, which also makes Mountain House brand freeze-dried meals for humans to take fishing, hunting or on hikes. Learn more in our article titled Get to Know Mountain House.

Stop by your northwest owned and operated Coastal Farm & Ranch and pick up a bag or two of Merrick. You’ll like the quality ingredients and the worthwhile cause Merrick supports. Your dog will simply love the taste.

Coastal Video Extra

Merrick and K9s for Warriors recently shared one of their many success stories. In this video, you’ll meet U.S. Army Veteran McLean Raybon and his service dog, Merrick. It’ll touch your heart and fill you with American pride.