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Animals | June 14, 2020

Equine Nutrition Talk with Nutrena

Equine Nutrition Talk with Nutrena

Coastal is joined online by pros from Nutrena to answer some of your most frequently asked equine questions.

Q: At what age should I move my older horse to a senior feed?

There’s no concrete age. A horse will let you know how it’s feeling and when it is time. But overall, our experts tell us that by the age of 15, most equine are ready for senior feed because at that age they tend to lose their ability to digest fibers by upwards of 15%. Other times that a horse might require senior feed is if they are not getting enough nutrients due to a loss of teeth, after a surgery, or if your vet recommends it. SafeChoice Special Senior helps ensure your horse gets the fiber it needs in its grain versus forage.

Q: When breeding a mare, what do you need to know about nutrition?

Nutrena’s Mare and Foal feed is specifically designed for breeding. You want to give the mare this feed when you decide to breed. Then increase the grain amount throughout their pregnancy as they gain weight. Finally, make sure they are getting enough calories for lactation and to maintain body condition. The foal requires special feed for up to two years.

Q: My horse is out in the pasture getting good quality hay. Do I need to supplement with grain?

Even if your region has good, quality hay, your equine might not be getting all the nutrients it needs. Topline Balance is a cost-effective option that helps meet their minimum requirements, including selenium.

Q: My horse is coming off heavy training in the summer and fall and is mostly sedentary in the winter. Should we change its nutrition?

Even though a horse might not get as much exercise in the winter months, the calories you feed it will be used to stay warm. Therefore, it may be advisable to keep their feed consistent. If they start to gain too much weight, simply dial their nutrition back a little. Or choose Topline Balance depending on their age, the winter weather, blanketing, and whether or not they spend most of their time in a barn or turned out.

Q: What can I feed my whole herd?

Nutrena recommends SafeChoice Original as a whole-herd feed. If you’re feeding ponies or minis, Nutrena also offers SafeChoice Special Care.

Join us for our next Nutrition Talk with Nutrena on the Coastal Facebook page on Wednesday, June 17th at 6pm.

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